The breeding of Hungarian Pointers

Our breeding of Hungarian Pointers (Magyar Vizsla)

Pavel Unverdorben with puppies

Nowadays breeding of Hungarian pointers in the Breeding station Gurdau is based on three breeding females of Hungarian Short-haired Pointer (Magyar Vizsla) – Boneta Moravia Centurion, Ebony Jantar Devil and Diana ze Spáčilky.

Each of them meets the demands of a professional hunter very well. In extremely difficult conditions in Židlochovice´s pheasant hunting where dogs´ perfect work is a condition for success and in hunting season the dog is under daily scrutiny of demanding foreign hunters who are used to hunt and compare the level of job of hunting dogs and their leaders all around the world, so there are the performances of our dogs evaluated with the recognition before shot but also in tracking and bringing of hunted game.

The hunting dog in Gurdau Breeding Station is far from being understood only as an assistant of its hunter. Its role of a family member, partner and friend is equally important. Human-kind approach clearly reflects the opposite relationship – the dog to people. All our three breeding females have warm friendly relationship with all of us, especially with children.

Profiles of our breeding females (HPS)

Ora Gurdau

registration number ČLP/MOK/4836
born March 15th 2014
father Ashkii Damasca Aponivi
mother Ebony Jantar Devil
tests and exhibitions
  • Talent tests, 2nd prize
  • Talent tests, 1st prize
  • Autumn tests, 1st prize
  • International exhibition – very good
  • Regional exhibition – excellent 1, class winner, breed winner, winner of the VIIth group FCI, regional winner
  • DKK A/A
exterior and nature Ora Gurdau is lighter-type female with a noble head and regular figure. She has playful character, she is cheerful, willing to cooperation, easily trainable. She loves water and swimming. Searching in the field is rather short, doesn't lose control in contact with animals. She has an excellent exhibiting.

Pixie Gurdau

registration number ČLP/MOK/4902
born May 9th 2014
father Arthur Vives Bohemia
mother Chita Mona Gurdau
tests and exhibitions
  • Talent tests, 2nd prize
  • Talent tests 1st prize
  • Autumn test, 1st prize
  • Autumn test, 1st prize, 3rd place
  • International exhibition – very good
  • Regional exhibition – very good 1
  • DKK B/A
exterior and nature Female of excelent robust figure, a sport figure and character. She is perfect for running and sport. She has active character, goes into everything without hesitation, easily trainable, bright and quick to learn. Searching in the field is quick. Exhibiting is excellent, sufficient sharpness. She is very attached to family, loves contact with people. Great work female.

Alma od Prašivských lomů

registration number ČLP/MOK/4028/13
born August 7th 2011
father Ceasare z Vodného mlyna
mother Oxa Akcezal
tests and exhibitions
  • Show of young individuals
  • Talent tests 1st prize
  • Autumn tests 1st prize
  • International exhibition – Excellent
exterior and nature Alma. What to say about her? She is middle elegant figure, noble head. Her advantage is especially beautiful characker. Nice, kind, she is hanging on my eyes and requires time, attention, interest and love. She would breathing for me. She loves retrieves and games of all kinds, is easily trainable, socially intelligent.

Chita Mona Gurdau

registration number ČLP/MOK/4194
born 28th April 2012
father Ben z Liderovic
mother Boneta Moravia Centurion
tests and exhibitions
  • Show of young individuals
  • Talent tests 1st prize
  • Talent tests 1st prize CACT
  • Autumn tests 1st prize, winner PZ
  • International exhibition – Very good
exterior and nature A higher female of medium robust frame which is elegant in motion. She has a lively character and is vital. She is keen on moving and on any kind of activities. She is extremely playful. She has an innate retrieval. It is easy to train her. Caution! Her better-than-average intelligence isn´t used only for handy activities but also for miscellaneous pranks.